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All my life, I dreamt of being a famous musician...

That didn't happen.

Later, I co-wrote the script for a 10 issue comic mini-series... 

It didn't get picked up.


But through that experience, I found screenwriting.


Soon after, I moved to Los Angeles to study filmmaking.

And I did.


If you're interested in collaborating, I'm always looking for talented folks to work with. HMU.


Born & Raised in Louisiana

Live & work in Los Angeles, CA 


Vocation: Screenwriting
Avocation: Cinematography & Photography


I LOVE WRITING. In a group or on my own, it's my favorite thing to do. Usually, you can find me in my basement office, sitting cozily in my office chair, Markus, typing away with a cat sleeping on my feet


  • 10 years of experience as a professional musician

  • 8 years of audio engineering experience

  • Was once a gymnast

  • Pretty decent at a few card tricks

  • Armchair physicist

  • Made Mitch Hurwitz laugh once
    (if you haven't seen "Arrested Development" yet, go do it now)

  • Andy Daly once delivered me oranges
    (if you haven't seen "Review" yet, go do it now)

This site will likely always be a bit outdated, but I'll do my best.



2012 - 2015 Pasadena City College

  • O.S.C. in Cinematography

  • O.S.C. in Cinema Production

  • A.A. Degree in Humanities

  • A.A. Degree in Communication Arts

  • A.A. Degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Teaching Assistant in the Cinema Department for 2 years


2015 - 2019 California State University, Northridge

  • B.A. Cinema & Television Arts

  • M.F.A. Screenwriting


Grants & Awards

  • 2012 - Semi-finalist, Academy Nicholl Fellowship for Screenwriting

  • 2013 - Best Intermediate Film, PCC Film Festival

  • 2013 - Westerbeck Scholarship for Performing Arts (PCC)

  • 2014 - Best Documentary, UCLA Shorttakes Film Festival

  • 2015 - TalNexus Apollo Lab for Storytelling in Television and Film

  • 2016 - Mary Bayramian Scholarship (CSUN)

  • 2019 - Semi-finalist, Academy Nicholl Fellowship for Screenwriting

  • 2019 - Semi-finalist, Slamdance Screenwriting Competition




(not exhaustive & in no particular order)

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